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Water broke what next

We’ve all seen the TV version: a rush of water bursts between the mom-to-be’s legs (at the most inconvenient time, no doubt), she rushes to the hospital, and voila — a baby is born! Luckily for those of us that are worried about causing a scene (and a mess) in public, this isn’t the way… Read More

handling early labor at home, chicago mindful doulas, chicago labor doula

8 Tips for Handling Early Labor at Home We’ve all heard the story, whether from a friend, sister, or blog post: a laboring woman shows up at the hospital, eager and nervous, only to be turned away by the triage staff. This can be a disappointing and disheartening experience for many women, first-time moms or… Read More

bonding with newborn

The first few weeks of a baby’s life are an important time for bonding with the newest member of the family, but it’s common for dads and non-breastfeeding partners to feel unsure of how they can best form a close relationship with baby. Some moms feel especially protective of the newborn that they have guarded… Read More

Newborn multiples bonding

If you are expecting a new addition of multiple babies to your family, you already know that everything will change when it’s time for them to come home. Regardless of whether or not you’ve brought a baby home before, everything is new when there’s two (or more!) babies. With two mouths to feed, two babies… Read More

mindful llpostpartum doula

What do you think of when you hear the word “mindful”? Do you think of a Buddhist monk meditating cross-legged on the floor? A New Age meditation guru? A yoga class? Mindfulness can certainly take many shapes and forms. Even in contemplating what mindfulness means to you, you are taking a step toward a mindful… Read More