Chicago Mindful Doulas is a collaboration of love and passion.

“As mother and daughter business owners, working together reminds us to nurture precious relationships and we are thrilled to engage our passion for supporting families in birth as our profession.”

Lauren and Jenna meet their clients where they are by appreciating the family’s culture, wishes and desires. The extensive training and vast experience gathered by Lauren and Jenna set them apart from others. They are dedicated to your vision and will respectfully tailor a plan specific to your goals.


Jenna Fisher

When Jenna met her son for the first time it was the most exhilarating moment of her life.

“It made me recognize that giving birth is one of the more empowering experiences a woman can have, and it made me want to take part in that experience with other women—to help guide them through their ideal birth.”

Influenced by her mother’s passion for birth and supporting families, for Jenna this isn’t just a job; it is an opportunity to change the birth experience for the better.

“In ancient times women gathered around the expectant mother, supporting her during and after the birth in what was a revered event. I feel I am bringing some of that culture back into being”

Jenna is honored to bring comfort to women during and after birth, while concentrating on helping them feel empowered. Jenna has invested in her education and is committed to professional, respectful and nonjudgmental service to each and every client.

As a mother, and childbirth educator, Jenna believes that knowledge, experience and most importantly, compassion are the gifts she brings as she is serving. Jenna’s other passions include studying language and culture, travel, music, and of course her son. Watching him compete in his cross country meets bring her a joy that is beyond words.

Lauren Lieburn

As the oldest of six siblings, Lauren grew up in a family where pregnancy, childbirth, and babies were just a part of everyday life. Surrounded by nurturing, supportive women, Lauren learned the importance of “mothering the mother” and has unsurprisingly devoted much of her adult life to supporting women.

Lauren’s background includes 5 years as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, 15 years as an obstetric technician in a perinatal unit, and 5 years as an Emergency Medical Technician. As a mother of 5 children and a DONA-trained birth doula and ProDoula, and Pre-certified postpartum doula. She continues to strengthen her skills in supporting women and families through continuing professional development, including advanced Training for Doulas: Working with Multiples, VBAC, Birthing From Within, HypnoBirthing, and Spinning Babies workshops. Over the years, Lauren has provided compassionate care to hundreds of mothers and families throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period, providing attentive support that enables each woman to have the most fulfilling birth experience possible and feel confident and empowered as mothers.

When Lauren is not working, you can find her reading, painting, swimming, playing with her dogs, practicing yoga or pilates or enjoying a late morning weekend brunch with her family.