When a child is born, a mother is born as well and that “birth day” can be filled with uncertainty, apprehension, anticipation and joy. Our intent is to help prepare you for this life changing event and remind you that you are strong, wise and capable.

We do this through education, affirmation and unbiased support.

Why education?

Knowledge is power and birthing families have many decisions to make. While pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks many families don’t begin to educate themselves about birth until the final weeks when birth becomes imminent. We, as experts, have done our research. Answers are at the tips of our fingers and we provide you with the data based information you need to make the decisions that tailor your needs.

Why affirmation?

Affirmation is a powerful tool to help you achieve your birth plan. Maybe this is your first experience with birth. Birth can be surreal and sometimes confusing. Our clients comfortably depend on and benefit from our expertise in the birth process. Hearing the doula affirm the mother’s experience during labor, affirms, to the partner that their partner is secure and has the power to navigate any changes as they arise.

Why unbiased support?

We truly believe that you know what is best for you and your family and whatever that is, we support it. If there is one time in your life where you need a judgment free space, this is it and you can count on us to provide it!

At Chicago Mindful Doulas we embrace the opportunity to “nurture the nurturer”.

Photo Credit: This is Family

Our Labor support services

  • We begin with a birth planning prenatal visit in your home so you can share, and we can fully understand, your vision for the birth of your baby. During this visit, our goal is to become attuned to you and your partners needs and desires for labor and birth.
  • Our on call service begins the moment we commit to working together. Feel free to reach out to us by phone or email during the remainder of your pregnancy so that we may support you with compassion and evidence based information regarding any question you may have.
  • During labor we will come to you at the location of your birthing choice. We will provide and offer a variety of comfort measures to ease the difficulty of labor.
  • You can expect mindful breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques, counter pressure and massage, positional changes to help open the pelvis and so much more.
  • Continuous care is what sets doula support apart from medical support. Providers and nursing staff change with the “schedule” while your Chicago Mindful Doula remains by your side until you have birthed, bonded, and are ready to rest.
  • After your precious new life is in your arms, your Chicago Mindful Doula will stay close by, while being mindful of the special and private moments that your family is having.
  • Guidance and support is close by as your baby begins to show signs of readiness to feed.
  • Your doula will also happily photograph some of those first moments for you so that your partner may be in the photos rather than on the other side of the camera.
  • Lastly, we will arrange an appointment with you to follow up and check in on your family once you have arrived home and settled in. We will celebrate you and your birth story, answer questions about the birth and offer some guidance on adjusting to life with this new little loved one in your home.