postpartum baby bath

Listening to your body and meeting your personal needs can be challenging while you are intently learning about your newborn.

Postpartum recovery for birthing women is not a race to get back to “normal” but rather a mindful recovery process.

Your doula from Chicago Mindful Doulas, is an expert in knowing the needs of a postpartum woman and is a newborn care specialist. The focus of her training was on the mother’s recovery from giving birth and the baby’s adjustment to life outside of the womb.

Our support knows no judgment. We recognize your uniqueness and we respect you. This is your experience and our goal is to help you look back at these first weeks with fond memories and knowing that you, your partner and your precious baby had everything you needed.

father holding baby postpartum

The postpartum care you can expect with Chicago Mindful Doulas includes:

  • Support that promotes physical healing from vaginal or Cesarean birth (C-Section).
  • Breastfeeding support including the most up to date information regarding pumping and the storage of breast milk.
  • We are also well versed in formula feeding and supplementation if that is your choice or becomes necessary.
  • Our expertise in recognizing the early signs of postpartum emotional adjustments.
  • Additionally, take comfort in knowing that the day to day household tasks can be easily managed by your doula. Yes, that includes laundry and meal preparation!

Our goal is healthy mom, healthy bond. What it takes and the amount of time it takes to get there is different for everyone. What we wish for you is that it is as peaceful and fulfilling as you imagine it should be. It is our pleasure to support your family as you open your home and your hearts to the newest love of your life. While you may not know exactly how much care you’ll need or when you’ll need it, you can rely on our previous experience and wisdom to offer a variety of packages that may appeal to you. Flexibility and accountability are the cornerstones on which we offer this service.